Sunday, December 28, 2008

Travel in Finland - part 6

Arriving at Helsinki, I walked to the hostel from the Bus terminal.
It was just 5 o'clock when I passed by the market.
I was hungry and it smelled very good.

Some shops started to close their shops, but hot dog shop were still open.
The smell of hot dog was really something.
So I took it!
It was tasty!!!(2.5Euro)

I felt better and went back to the hostel.
I went to the reception and they changed my room as I had asked for.
New room was on the third floor. It was a non-smoking room!!
It smelled perfect.

I went to the reception again and booked the ferry ticket for Tallinn next day.
Linda Line, the ferry company I booked was most cheaper and faster among them, though the terminal in Tallinn was a little bit far from city center.
It was cheaper when you booked the ferry ticket at the reception.
Before I left, I asked the weather of next day.
The answer was 'It won't rain tomorrow.'

The moment I finished the booking, a Japanese asked me something.
I was asked to lend him the mobile phone charger.
I lent him while I was away for dinner.

Though I ate hot dog, I was still hungry.
So I went out.
Walking along the town, I found that there were a lot of Kebab shops in Helsinki.
Kebab is my favorite food. So I entered one of the kebab shop.
Kebab in Helsinki was different from that in other places.
It was more like saute.

I also drank beer and left the shop.
It was the time for sunset. Very beautiful sunset!
The sky was painted in red, it was like burning.
The contrast of red sky and the white building was really something.

It was 20:30. The day time was very long in Helsinki!
After I received my charger, I went to the room.
The room mate was an Indian business man.
It was Sunday, but he worked. Hard worked he was!
(to be continued)

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Did you know that reality can be made of miracles?
- charo chapter 35

The word 'reality' is sometimes used to show negative meaning, like 'hopeless.'

But I don't believe it is always true.
A lot of good stories happen in the real world.
Nobody can deny that our life is a pile of miracles, though miracles don't happen so often and miracles happen when we don't expect.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Voices from the war in Eastern Congo

When you woke up this morning you no doubt had a daily routine that you normally follow...wash, dress, eat, head to work...most of us do this every day without thinking. But for families in the provinces of North and South Kivu in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo the situation is very different. They won't have woken from a comfortable bed, had a warm shower, enjoyed a healthy breakfast, and headed off to work. For them the daily routine has become a nightmare.

They are caught up in a 15 YEAR war that is raging around them. Every day people have to flee their homes or temporary shelters, once again on the run from various armed groups. They have little or no food and water, only the clothes they stand up in, and what they own they carry on their backs. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, babies and teenagers; everyone is struggling to survive the looting and violence.

See the Special website "Condition:Critical -Voices from The War in Eastern Congo- "

UNHCR has special web site, too.

I wonder how you think when you see the site.

Just feel sorry and continue your dinner?
If so, nothing is going to be changed.

I'd like you to think seriously, and take your own action.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanks Stockholm!

I was putting a bad fight with some technical problem of SQL Server 2005.
I merely deal with technical problems these days, because there are some guys who are good around technical issues.

I googled error messages which SQL Server logged.
Then only one answer I could find all over the web.
It was MSDN blog written by a technical engineer in Stockholm.

Thanks to the blog, my problem was solved.
I had to solve it by Friday. I was really relieved.
If not for that information, I wouldn't be able to sleep at all.

Thanks someone in Stockholm!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


You can hardly find the road which is definitely flat.
Almost every road is ascent or descent.

It is not only real about road but also about metaphorical road.

Moreover, even if the road is paved, it is uneven, not to speak of dirty roads.

It is also not only real about road but also about metaphorical road.

All things considered, we only have to walk the road.
We only have to run the road sometimes.

If the road is rise, you ought to go up.
If the road is bumpy, you ought to take care not to fall over and go forward.
If you accidentally fall over, you should go forward again with care not to fall over again.

To aim for the goal.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Opportunity rarely knocks on your door. Knock rather on opportunity's door if you ardently wish to enter.
- B.C.Forbes

Yes, I agree with this sentence.
So I have to step forward to knock the door!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I found good rythem and a lot to think in this movie. And also I was really moved.

This movie was the documentary of northern Uganda.
For the past 20 years, northern Uganda has been at war with rebel force, and the country's children have been the greatest victim of the conflict. But, children is not only the victim, they are rebels. The rebel has a chillingly effective process to fill its ranks - abducting innocent children. Most of their parents, brothers, sisters, or relatives were killed. Some of the children were force to be soldiers or sexual slavery.

Their saddness and pain must be far beyond my imagination. Their traumas are so deep.

The children in school in refugee camp tried to pour their hearts into winning this year's music competition in Uganda. When they play music, they can forget thier past. And they can start thinking of their futures through music.

In this movie, you can see magnificient scenaries. Uganda is a very beautiful country.
But what happens in this country is horrifying.
I was moved by their attitude to pour themselves into music.
They are trying to make their stories. Their stories doesn't end as unfortunate children.
They can continue hopeful stories.
In fact they could. They could get a trophy.
They are not only the children who lost their parents but also the children who got the trophy in national music competition.

This movie is really worth watching. I strongly recommend!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Travel in Finland - part 5

It took about an hour from Helsinki to Porvoo and it's 53km away from Helsinki.
I felt long distance at that time. But I found it was not such a long way later.

After arriving at Porvoo, I headed for the Vistor Information.
Because I wanted to have newest map.
But the Information was closed, so I couldn't.
In Finland, town is not as town on Sunday.
A lot of shops are closed.
And I'm surprised that the price of hotels is sometimes cheaper in weekend.
It's quite opposite in Japan!

Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland.
Many historical buildings are still remained.
And there are a lot of red painted wooden houses along the river.
When I vistied there, unfortunately it was cloudy.
If it were fine, I would be able to enjoy the excellent contrast of red houses and blue sky.
Even when it was cloudy, it was worth to see.

By the way, it was not only red painted wooden houses but also slopes that counts.
Cobbled slopes and narrow paths.
When I entered one of the paths, I happened to reach the place where I found the beautiful lawn.
I enjoyed seeing small articles by the window or plants outside the houses.

I found the small restaurant named Hanna Maria.
This restaurant was introduced in Lonely Planet.
It was very delicious. I ate salmon soup with bread and salad. It cost only 6 euro.
I think it must be very cheap in Finland.
In this restaurant, there was no English menu.
But they translated by mouth.

After eating lunch, I walked around again.
Then I left Porvoo for Helsinki.
(to be continued...)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Between you and me

The photo exhibition has just started. The title of that is 'Between you and me.' I am one of the photo exhibition member.

We started this project on Mar 30. There were 15 members, and were divided into 7 groups. The group I belonged to are composed of 3 members. We have prepared for this exhibition since then. Our team was really a slow starter. We did almost nothing until July 20! But once we started the work, we did our best. We went to several place to take pictures and had a lot of meetings after work.

Since we are not professional photographer, we are going to receive lots of criticisms. Still, I'm satisfied with our work.

So if someone asked me 'How was your summer?', I'll answer in front of our work 'This is my summer.'

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Travel in Finland - part 4

When I went back to the room, the roommate had already waked up. According to him, he was from Canberra, Australia. To my surprise, he traveled Tokyo before coming to Helsinki! He knew the word 'Depachika', which means basement floors of department stores. And what's more, he had a plastic bag of Yodobashi Camera, very famous Japanese discount store. He bought a digital camera there. Although that digital camera was very fanctional, all the instructions were made by only Japanese.

He didn't seem to smoke, but I went to the reception to ask to change the room to non-smoking room. I was told to come again at 12 o'clock. I wanted to go out, so I left my baggage at the storage room and left the hostel.

Today's destination was Porvoo, which was the 2nd oldest city in Finland. Though it was clear when I walked aroud in the early morning, the sky was covered with thick cloud. First, I had to find out the bus terminal. Long-distance buses didn't leave from the railway station. And it was not so close to the railway station. And it was in the underground. It was not easy to find out the place.

Just as I feared, I got lost! I thought I was still a stranger here in Helsinki. I had a map, but I couldn't figure out where I was. About one hour passed since I left the hostel. I tried to ask someone for help. Then I was told that I was in front of the building of the bus terminal!

I bought the return ticket at the ticket office(20.60Euro), then I moved to the basement floor. The bus left for Porvoo at 11:30. One hour and 30 minutes had passed since I left the hostel. It was longer than I expected.

(to be continued.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Travel in Finland - part 3

7th Sep 2008

I waked up at six in the morning. After I took a shower, I made a try finnish sauna. But there was nobody and I did't know how, so I gave up this time.

I went back to my room, and went out with my cameras. Though it was cloudy, the city in the early in the morning was nice and quiet.

Last night, I could do nothing other than arriving at the hostel. So I started to walk around the city carefully from the hostel.

The building in front of the hostel was maybe the ordinary apartment. But it was very stylish. I think it is natural to be stylish for buildings around there. When I went to the port, I saw a big boat. I wonderd where it was from. The market was not open at that time. I kept walking to the railway station.

Though there weren't so many people in the city, it was not as same in the railway station. From this station there were some trains to Russia. It was an international and big station. I ate breakfast(chicken wrap and coffee) at the cafe in the station.

After I strolled along the station, I decided to go back to the hostel. I saw a lot of trams on the way to the hostel. I thought the city started moving. I like the sound of the trams and I like the town with trams, maybe because I've been the town where trams run since I was born.

When I passed the Tuomiokirkko, I saw blue sky! The Tuomiokirkko under the blue sky was really beautiful.

I refreshed when I arrived at the hostel. It was a nice morning walk.

(to be continued...)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Travel in Finland - part 2

It is always so when I walk the town for the first time. I can't walk aroud without looking some landmarks. I tried to start walking against the railway station. But the station had several entrances, so I couldn't make sure which was front. Anyway, I looked for the tram. At that moment, I found the stop. So I ran to it. But it wasn't the stop I was looking for, which were that of No 4 or No 4T. 

It seemed that the stop I was looking for was somewhere else. I caught sight of the tram running, so I got after it. I finally found the stop of No 4 and No 4T. and I got on.

The youth hostel, named Eurohostel, was 2km from the railway station according to my information. So I thought I could arrive at the stop near the hostel soon. But I couldn't. I didn't know why. I was embarrassed. Then the tram arrived at the last stop. I ride the opposite way tram. Yes, I made such a classic mistake.

I turned back the way and finally arrived at the stop I should have got off. It took almost one hour to move just 2km.

Eurohostel was so big that I could find easily. I checked in and headed to my room. My room was on the 6th floor. 6th floor was the top. It was when I took the lift(it was not automatic door) that I realized that 6th floor was smoking floor, although all other floors were non-smoking floor. I don't like the smell of the cigarette at all, so I went back to the reception and asked for changing the room to the non-smoking floor. But unfortunately, no vacancy on that day. I gave up and went back to the room.

(to be continued...)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Travel in Finland - part 1

6th Sep 2008

I left Haneda(Tokyo International Airport) at 8:20, and arrived at for Osaka(Kansai International Airport) about 9:30. My connecting flight to Helsinki was planned to leave at 14:10. Yes, I had so much time to wait...

It was first time to stop by Kansai International Airport. But it was a little bit boring for me to spend so much time there. I bought something I had forgotten, like small notebook, pen, and my favorite Japanese snack 'Suppaiman.' And I ate lunch at McDonald. 

One thing that I got angry happened at the security check. I had a lot of films. When the security officer found my films, he sighed. I think it was not polite to do that.

By the way, the flight for Helsinki, operated by Finnair was just as scheduled and I felt comfortable. The food was better than I thought, and the service was good!

At the Helsinki International Airport, I picked up my luggage and bought a Finnair bus ticket at the ticket counter(5.9EUR). When I arrived at the airport, it was cloudy and the temperature was 17℃. But when I was about to ride on bus, it started to rain.

In about 30 minutes, the bus arrived at Finnair Bus Terminal near the Helsinki Central Railway Station(Helsinki Rautatieasema).  There was no problem at this point.

But once I got off the bus, I was not sure where I was. Although I looked the map, it was very difficult for me to understand. I wanted to ride on the tram to go to the hostel. However, I had no idea where to ride on. That information was not on my map.

(to be continued...)

Friday, September 5, 2008


You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind.
  - Dale Carnegie

Yes. It is true. But when you feel fear and you want to conquer, it's much better if you have someone who will strongly support you. Because sometime it's hard to make up your mind to conquer your fear.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The letter from Honduras

When I came home on Saturday, I found the letter from Honduras.
I was really glad to see that. Then my tiredness was totally blown off.

Monday, August 25, 2008

When I travel from A to B

What do you think when you travel from one place to another place? Some people think the place you have just visited, and other people think the place you are going to visit.

I think both of them, and feel anxious. Usually I don't know much about the destination. Besides, I'm not sure about the way I'm going. So there're few things that I can imagine correctly.

However, once I reached the destination, I feel relief. And I recognize the way I've been proceeding very clear. I like this feeling. Maybe this is one of the reason I like traveling.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Rose

When I was in Junior High School, I went on a homestay visit to New York. It was the first time to go abroad for me.
Maybe it was the third day. There was a welcome party in the school where I went.
One student sang this song in the party. I couldn't understand the lyric, but the music was excellent. 

17 years have passed since that homestay. But I can't forget 'The Rose.' Sometime I hum a tune to myself. And this song reminds me of my days in New York.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Believe in yourself

And what really counts is to believe in yourself.
Believe in yourself, and your dream will come true.

~ Charo Episode 18

If you want to make your dream come true, you need the extra power. And it is you who can bring out that power.

Unless you can believe in yourself, it is no possibility that you can bring out that power. On the contrary, if you believe in yourself, you might draw out the extra power.

It is very difficult to avoid being depressed and losing your self-confidence. But it is very important to keep believing in yourself. 

The winners in the Olympic Games must believe in themselves. That's why they won.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Olympic Games

I'm excited about the Olympic Games in Beijing. 

Though the opening ceremony was too much and had a lot of fakes, the games are real!!!
I've been moved so many times. And Japan got lots of medals in Judo, wrestling and swimming.

I like athletes' smile after the games, in which they do hard and seriously. They had very hard times before the Olympic Games. Because they did as much as possible, they can smile after the games.

The games will last 6 more days. What will happen next? Maybe it's beyond my imagination.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tokyo snapshot - part 3

In this area, there are so many condos. The tall building in the center of the photo and the wide building in the left of that are also condos. If you like to walk along the river side, it's very good place. You can enjoy not only river but also the life in Tokyo.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Life is like riding a bicycle: you don't fall off unless you stop pedaling.
 ~ Claude Pepper

I agree with this opinion.
I rode a bicycle for 8 hours last weekend. It was a really hard way.
While I was riding a bicycle, I was thinking and thinking about this words. And I believe it's true. But it is not only this words but a lot more aspects that describe 'Life is like a riding a bicycle'. For example, when I had a flat tire, or when I saw a beautiful sunset at the end.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

new camera

I got a new camera this week. It was an used one, but the condition of this camera is not bad. I'd like to use it and take a lot of photos, especially in Finland in September.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lovely Cats

I met these cats when I visited the bazaar, where my friend is now selling some imported goods.

In this bazaar, a painting exhibition is held. Although this painter is not famous, his painting is something. Most of his painting at the exhibition is cats' ones. And I love these cats!!!

How do you think?

Saturday, July 26, 2008


This song has Japanese version and English version.

A long time ago
when men were all babes
There was a land of the free
Fantasy and dreams
Were its untouched wealth
And goodness and love were real
Each man desires to reach Gandhara
His very own utopia
In the striving, in the seeking soul
Man can see Gandhara
The place of light Gandhara

I think 'Gandhara' is what each man dreams in mind. And 'Gandhara' is also a place to keep looking for.

If you keep looking for it, you might see something in yourself. That's what we need for our life.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tokyo snapshot - part 2

Of course, Tokyo has a lot of buildings. And many of them are skyscrapers.

However, Tokyo also has a lot of parks. If you go into parks, you can hear the song of birds and the sound of winds easily.

When you go to the Japanese parks, you'll find lots of carps in the ponds. If you'd like to feed carps, you can buy food in the park. If you don't want to do it, just look at them.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tokyo snapshot - part 1

Needless to say, Tokyo, where I live, has a lot of place to see. Museums, theaters, baseball park, shopping mall etc. But actually, you don't have to go such places to enjoy Tokyo. Just walk aroud the town. You can see casual Tokyo. And I think that's the real Tokyo.

I took this photo when I walked about the river side. This area is called 'Water frontier'. It is basically an old part of Tokyo, but it is also a new town. Many new buildings have been built recently.

Monday, July 21, 2008


The man must say 'Today is more meaningful than any monument all over the world, because you're living today.' Then how will the woman answer? The line the man says is from famous Japanese song.

Whatever the answer is, I think most important thing is not the form or matter, but how I can spend the time or how I can feel through events.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eastern Hokkaido - part 5

Do you know 'mosquito coils'?
It was very common to use it in summer when I was a child. But I can hardly to see it, because we use liquid type these days.

Mosquito coils usually smells strongly, so some people hate it.
But mosquito coils fit the quiant hot spring completely. This is the smell of summer!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Eastern Hokkaido - part 4

I visited Sanko onsen(Hot spring) near Lake Kussharo.
This hot spring was very quaint, and I found a wood-burning stove there. A wood-burning stove? It was the very first time to see a such an old wood-burning stove.

But this hot spring had not only an old equipment but also a great spa. You can feel relaxed when you bathe.  Yet sad to say, running of this spa is not good condition, so the manager is eager to sell the place.

Eastern Hokkaido - part 3

It was a long path through a forest around Lake Kussharo.
I saw some people enjoy fishing.
But it was so calm that I could think a lot of things as I was going throuth the path.

I heard of this path from the helper of the Youth hostel where I stayed.
Great information!!!

Eastern Hokkaido - part 2

Hokkaido is famous for dairy.
So there are a lot of farms. When I took a ride on the bike, I sometime met 
milk cows, who were eating grass.
And needless to say, I had excellent taste ice cream!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eastern Hokkaido - part 1

I traveled Eastern Hokkaido two weeks ago.
These are the photos of Lake Mashu.

The explanation of Lake Mashu is below.

This lake has the most transparent water in the world. There is no river flowing either into it or out of it, and yet the water level of the lake never changes. A small island, called Kamuisshu(little island), set in the lake gives a symbolic impression, Lake Mashu is almost always fogbound, and it lies mysteriously among the legends which originated among the Ainu people.

It was the third time to visit Lake Mashu. It sure is mysterious every time.
I went there by bike. I went up a steep slope for about an hour!!!
It was really hard to climb, but it is worthwhile doing.
Though you can go there by bus or car, you feel more impressed if you climb by bike.


You see, you can spend the rest of your life feeling miserable, or
you can spend it laughing. Which do you like?

- Charo Episode 15

If I have two choice, it is definately I'll choose 'laughing'.
I think the answer is same for everybody.
But it is true that somebody apparently choose 'feeling miserable'.
Maybe it is not easy to keep laughing when you are in severe situation.
Still, I'll try to spend my life laughing.

festival in Okinawa - part 3

festival in Okinawa - part 2

festival in Okinawa - part 1

There was a festival called 'Naha Matsuri' when we traveled Okinawa.
Naha is the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, and 'Matsuri' means festival in Japanese.

So many people took part in the festival, and so many people saw the festival.
It was such a big and livery festival that we really enjoyed ourselves.

man and woman - part 2

To tell the truth, they were not a couple as far as I know.
They traveled Okinawa with me and other friends.

It was in October of 2005.
We traveled there to celebrate my birthday and my friend's birthday.
Maybe this was the second day, and I took this photo on the way to Ikeijima.

man and woman - part 1

What are they talking?
Are they talking about their future?
I'd like to know their conversation.

But I think they don't have to say any word.
All they have to do is share the time.
If you stare at the beautiful sea with your lover, you can cultivate the relationship naturally.

on the beach in Ikeijima - part 4

The cute dog was playing with its owner.

The water there was really clear, and there were a lot of fish swimming
in the sea. I could see them well when I went into the water.

on the beach in Ikeijima - part 3

Another dog and an owner.
What were they doing?

on the beach in Ikeijima - part 2

I also took this photo in Ikeijima island.
The owner and the dog of this photo is as same as the those of the photo in part 1.

on the beach in Ikeijima - part 1

We drove to the island called Ikeijima. Though Ikeijima is an island, you can go there by land because there is a bridge which connects that island to the main land.

The beach of the island was really beautiful, and there were a lot of people.
Some of them came there with their dogs.
Not only owners but also their dogs seemed free and relaxed.

on the street of Okinawa

I met this puppy on the street of Okinawa.

This puppy was very adorable. We patted him on the head and held him in our arms.

Unfortunately, he was a stray dog, though it seemed like someone took care of him
from time to time. So he was infested with fleas.
After we said good-bye to him, we found ourselves feeling itchy.

under the car

I met him at the guest house where we stayed in Okinawa.
He sometimes barked at my friend. But mostly he was just sitting on the ground.

I took this photo when he was sitting under the car.
I'm not sure what he was staring at. He might have mused over past memories.

Whar had happened in his past? I have no idea.
What do you imagine?


Dogs have pride, too.

You lose your pride, you lose everything.
When you want to succeed, you try hard.
If you're trying hard, you should be proud of yourself.

These lines are cool!
I'll take these lines to heart.
I have pride, too. I don't want to lose my pride, either.

Route 66 - part2

I had a burger at the restaurant on the Route 66.
The wind blew so strong that flags waved hard.

The burger I had was relly American, big and not sophisticated.
But I sat back and enjoyed the atomosphere of Route 66.

Route 66 - part1

I don't remember who I was talking to when 'Route 66' came up.
I dropped by Route 66 on the way from Grand Circle to Las Vegas.
Times flied very slowly there. It was not as same as those of Grand Circle.
And the clouds in the sky was so impressive that they seemed to insist on something.

Hotel Ritzo in Managua

This is the picture of the hotel where I stayed in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. They spoke only Spanish, and I couldn't understand Spanish. So it was very hard to communicate at first. But both of us tried hard to understand each other.

This hotel was very stylish, and served very good coffee. I think the cofee of this hotel was best of all!

peaceful beach

I visted the beach of Corinto. It was really hot because of the reflected heat of the sun. 

Children and even adults were playing in the water merrily out of this photo. I like such a peaceful beach.