Sunday, December 28, 2008

Travel in Finland - part 6

Arriving at Helsinki, I walked to the hostel from the Bus terminal.
It was just 5 o'clock when I passed by the market.
I was hungry and it smelled very good.

Some shops started to close their shops, but hot dog shop were still open.
The smell of hot dog was really something.
So I took it!
It was tasty!!!(2.5Euro)

I felt better and went back to the hostel.
I went to the reception and they changed my room as I had asked for.
New room was on the third floor. It was a non-smoking room!!
It smelled perfect.

I went to the reception again and booked the ferry ticket for Tallinn next day.
Linda Line, the ferry company I booked was most cheaper and faster among them, though the terminal in Tallinn was a little bit far from city center.
It was cheaper when you booked the ferry ticket at the reception.
Before I left, I asked the weather of next day.
The answer was 'It won't rain tomorrow.'

The moment I finished the booking, a Japanese asked me something.
I was asked to lend him the mobile phone charger.
I lent him while I was away for dinner.

Though I ate hot dog, I was still hungry.
So I went out.
Walking along the town, I found that there were a lot of Kebab shops in Helsinki.
Kebab is my favorite food. So I entered one of the kebab shop.
Kebab in Helsinki was different from that in other places.
It was more like saute.

I also drank beer and left the shop.
It was the time for sunset. Very beautiful sunset!
The sky was painted in red, it was like burning.
The contrast of red sky and the white building was really something.

It was 20:30. The day time was very long in Helsinki!
After I received my charger, I went to the room.
The room mate was an Indian business man.
It was Sunday, but he worked. Hard worked he was!
(to be continued)

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Did you know that reality can be made of miracles?
- charo chapter 35

The word 'reality' is sometimes used to show negative meaning, like 'hopeless.'

But I don't believe it is always true.
A lot of good stories happen in the real world.
Nobody can deny that our life is a pile of miracles, though miracles don't happen so often and miracles happen when we don't expect.